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What is the difference between Cigent D3E and Bare Metal?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Bare Metal adds a layer of firmware based protections to D3E that are almost impossible to bypass if the D3E endpoint is disabled, your system is live booted, or the SSD is lost or stolen... Cigent Bare Metal SSDs support the following features:
Locked Partitions - Files are always locked using hardware encryption and can only be accessed with a step-up authentication. When Locked Partitions are unlocked, files are still protected with a step up authentication.
Protected Partitions - Partitions are locked on-the-fly when D3E or one of the security solutions that D3E is integrated with, detects a threat. They are also locked and unlocked when the Windows device is power cycled.
Tethering - Select Bare Metal SSDs support a firmware based keep alive command that locks all protected folders if communications with the D3E Windows agent is disrupted, a popular hacking technique
Secure Erase Validation - D3E / Bare Metal validates that all blocks of the SSD have been erased completely when the device is recycled or at end of life.

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