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How do I add a recon sentinel at home or office
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Once you get the device it is pretty simple. Plug the unit into the router or on the network. Plug in the power supply and it will start the configuration. After a minute or so the device ID will be displayed. To make it easier write it down for when you register your device.

If you create an account on the initial setup page enter the User Name, Device id number, and e mail information. And any other optional information. Write this info down as you will need it if you ever need support. Your user name and device id is displayed on the home page of the app so it is easy to get.
If you have the app make sure you click REGISTER USER before you try to login if you have not registered yet. You will be entering the same user name, e mail and device ID information. Once the registration process is complete Your recon sentinel will scan the network for all you devices. This can take a long time for a lot of connected devices. Just let it run.
Things to be aware of.
Scanning may take hours, 21 devices took 3 hours for me, it will vary for person to person.
Turn on your devices. rokus, ps3, xbox, pc's , laptops, phones anything you connect on the network.
This enables the scan to find everything on the network so when it is complete you can then TRUST the known devices if you wish. Also make sure when you trust a device that it is not also blocked. It should be light grey and says block. which means it is working. If you hit the block button it goes to dark grey and say blocked and that device is prevented internet access until changed.

Important: Recon Sentinel should be in ADC mode off. This will allow all the devices on your network that get data to be picked up. You will get an informational warning that a service/s were found, this will give you a better understanding of data flowing through the network.
Service ex. direct tv downloading the guide menu.
After day or so you can put ADC on and you should have less unknown detected processes.
Note: If you have a device that you have to trust, make sure it also not blocked. Both actions may be needed to allow that device access the internet.

During this scan process it will generate warnings as it finds devices and services. let it finish. Once finished go thru them to trust your known devices.

The quick start guide is here.

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