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Why doesnt D3E see my hard drives on the sytem and says none detected.
Last Updated 2 years ago

At install time it is looking for compatible encrypted drive, such as cigent bare metal or other compatible encrypted drives. Which if found would allow you to divide the drive into protected always on protection , requiring a pin code to look at the contents.
If you have regular drives on the system it protects the data in those as well , you can go thru windows explorer , right click on the folder and you will see an option to protect that folder using d3e protection.
Select the level of protection you want.
Also for file protection, go to the D3E dashboard and look at file protection, there are defaults already set up for microsoft and adobe file types.
For file types it is best not to globally use .txt., .log , .png type files that system services may use , there may be others extension you may want to exclude based on your installed software.
For file types , it is best to put them in a folder(s) and protect the folder.

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