Cigent D3E


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I try D3E before I buy it?  
  2. How do I contact support For Cigents D3E products.  
  3. How does D3E stop ransomware?  
  4. Why should I buy D3E?  
  5. Can I upgrade D3E Personal to D3E Business when it is available?  
  6. Do I still need to use my anti-virus software with D3E & Bare Metal?  
  7. Do you have any plans to support Linux and Mac OS?  
  8. Do you offer volume discounts?  
  9. Do you work with resellers?  
  10. Does D3E work with remote desktop.  
  11. How can I add to or change the deception file provided by cigent?  
  12. How can I get support for Cigent for Networks C4N  
  13. How can I purchase a Cigent Bare Metal SSD?  
  14. How can I purchase D3E?  
  15. How can I test D3E to make sure it is working.  
  16. How can I try or buy D3E  
  17. How do I activate my D3E license.  
  18. How do I add file extension protection for D3E?  
  19. How do I create Locked or Protected folders  
  20. How do I install D3E , or what is the installation process  
  21. How does D3E work in conjunction with Windows Defender?  
  22. How is a Cigent Bare Metal encryption different than Microsoft Bit Locker?  
  23. How is D3E typically used?  
  24. Is D3E the same as encryption?  
  25. My anti virus software is triggering D3E, what can I do?  
  26. My verify email page is gone, how do I get back to it?  
  27. What are your plans to integrate D3E with security solutions other than Windows Defender?  
  28. What happens if my verification code doesn't work or expires before I can enter it?  
  29. What happens to my locked and protected folders when my license expires  
  30. What is a deception file?  
  31. What is cigent D3E and what does it do?  
  32. What is the difference between Cigent D3E and Bare Metal?  
  33. What is the difference between Protected and Locked folders  
  34. What is the difference between “Locked” and “Protected” folders in D3E?  
  35. What kind of authentication can be used for accessing D3E?  
  36. What Operating system will Cigent D3E work on?  
  37. What type of data should be considered in setting up protected and locked folders in D3E?  
  38. What versions of Windows do you support?  
  39. When will your management console be available?  

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