Recon Sentinel Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any parental controls I can use?  
  2. Avast Software is triggering the recon sentinel , how can I fix this  
  3. Can I set a static IP for my Recon Sentinel?  
  4. Do I have to plug the Recon Sentinel into the back of my router?  
  5. Do we support multiple routers  
  6. Does the Recon Sentinel replace the need for anti virus or malware software  
  7. How can I control where alerts are being sent and can I send them to more than 1 mobile device  
  8. How can I create a shortcut to recon sentinel  
  9. How can I find my IP address on my devices?  
  10. How can I learn more about what ports are being used for services  
  11. Initial scan is complete, what next ?  
  12. Is it easy to connect to my network?  
  13. Is Recon Sentinel always checking the network  
  14. Is there an installation document that I can follow?  
  15. My device is not responding or seems to have stopped  
  16. My Recon sentinal lost connection, stopped working, what can I do?  
  17. New look and feature changes updated here  
  18. Should I turn on ADC  
  19. The APP keeps on logging me out  
  20. The Recon Sentinel takes a long time to scan my network.  
  21. Unidentified device or I cant find a device or rogue device detected on the network - direct tv or dish  
  22. What can I do if an intrusion or scan is detected?  
  23. What does the message on the display : Active Defense CM Running mean  
  24. What is ADC and when should I turn it on?  
  25. What is the warranty of the recon Sentinel  
  26. What kind of features does the device provide?  
  27. When I enter my ID it says it is "Invalid"  

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